Our purpose is to stay sober, help others stay sober and carry a message of hope and recovery to those who still suffer.
We hope we can help and share in your continued spiritual growth!

When: in the immortal words of Rafiki "it doesn't matter, it's in the past!"
Where: Zoom!
How much: $3
Times (Eastern):



Please feel free to email us to ask questions and
get more information about the FWF marathon meeting.


Andrew H

How to Register

To register for the FWF Marathon Meeting enter your information below (we recommend use of an anonymous "recovery address") and a response should automatically arrive any moment.  Then you should have all the information you need to join us and you can follow the instructions in the link in the email to pay.  Please include your last initial and the city your home group normally meets in ('phone' and 'zoom' are valid options).  At this time this would be only an interest list since details of a future repeat of the marathon have not been finalized.

-When is it and how do I register?  The first annual FWF marathon has already been held for 2020, details for 2021 are not yet decided so please don't click register yet you can get in touch for up to date information.
-Who is invited?  Anyone who is a sex addict or thinks they may be a sex addict is invited to this marathon.  Our tradition is that the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop addictive sexual behavior.  Our marathon meetings will be closed, which means that all who meet this one requirement can attend but the sessions are closed to non-sex addicts.  SAA is open to all sex-addicted people regardless of identity in any terms: race, religion or no religion, to name a few.  People of any status, background, identity or orientation are welcome.